E-Sports MGO in South Africa

Founded in 2017 by Stephan “AVCBerserker” Lombard

Jaco “CunningStunt” Roberts recently joined the organisation as co-owner and has brought in a fresh approach into the company.

Venom Gaming started off as a competitive Battlefield 1 and 5 clan but they have grown into a well know E-Sports Organisation with teams on PC, Xbox and Playstation. They have also signed up some big sponsors like Heidrun Gaming, E-Gym Gaming Lounge, Shumbala Filtration and Debon Air.

Our aim is to nurture talented local players and provide them with a platform that enables them to succeed. We are driven by the passion and unity of our management, players, and supporters.

In addition, our organization has swiftly gained popularity, due to our fresh ideas and an unprecedented positive approach when engaging with the community. We have also signed up the services of Dirk “FlyingFish_ZA” Coetsee as the team manager for the Venom Gaming Endeavour CS:GO team.




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